Matt Blair

Coach, Athlete, Podcaster & Author of Zen Athlete

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Matt Belair

Matt is a best selling author, coach, athlete, world traveler, and host of the Master Mind, Body and Spirit Show that has reached #1 in iTunes in Health in 5 countries. He is true seeker of knowledge who relentlessly pursues mastery within himself.

He has trekked mount Everest, trained with 34th Generation Shaolin Kung Fu Masters in China, meditated with monks in Nepal, and taught snowboarding around the world just to name a few of the remarkable things he has done.

Matt's Master Mind, Body and Spirit show features experts in the field of consciousness, spirituality and personal development. Matt is considered a thought leader in the field of consciousness and the show has made several prestigious top 5 lists and has been featured on many podcasts and magazines.

His book Zen Athlete is a compilation of the best peak performance, sports psychology and mental training tactics in history. The book shares a Zen Performance model with principles that are easy to understand and easily applicable. The core fundamentals are visualization, belief, fitness and nutrition, focus, meditation, goal setting, dedication, simulation and Zen.

The mission for Zen Athlete goes beyond peak performance and flow state. He aims to popularize the mental game of athletics, redefine sport culture and what it means to be a winner. To give youth and sport enthusiasts alike the tools to master themselves and achieve whatever they want in life.